5-Month Fertility Programme

This programme is for you if:

You have tried everything in order to conceive and yet have been disappointed

You have taken all the supplementation advised to you with no results

You have taken all the medical tests only to discover nothing specific

You have had repeated miscarriages after conceiving naturally

Book for a couple:

The results are far better if both the partners work on their overall health & Fertility, through this programme.

I would highly recommend booking for both, if there are any known health issues in your partner’s current state of health or past health history.


Does any of this sound familiar?

Being a homeopath, my job is to analyse your personal history from all angles, physical, mental and emotional, your current symptoms if any, your medical history, your family history etc. in order to get to the root cause of your Fertility Issues.

In order to get you started, I have designed this 5-MONTH FERTILITY PROGRAMME, during which I will try to understand you and your struggles as an individual, along with your Fertility issues, as they are inter-related and are a part of a whole picture that needs to be understood.

1st detailed consultation (1-1.15 hours approx.) and 2 follow-up consultations

Remedy prescriptions with each consultation, in order to correct the imbalance in your overall system or to address any specific concerns or give you organ support if needed

Remedies to detox your system as needed, according to your personal history

Dietary supplementation, if needed in your particular case

Remedies to increase the chances of fertilisation and implantation as and when needed

Medical test advice, if needed in your case


5-Month Infertility Programme

Total Cost: $650

Are you looking to optimise your fertility or trying to conceive naturally without hormonal support or invasive procedures?

You have come to the right place!