A Woman’s Journey with the “Unexplained Infertility” Diagnosis

I am a homeopath for 20 yrs. now, and I am going to share a bit about myself and my personal journey with Infertility both as a woman, and then as a homeopath, specializing in the same subject now.

As a 27-year-old woman, I started planning my family. Just for a background, I had never taken any medication at all, no OCP’s, no antibiotics, no steroids, never needed them, never took them. Except for my chronic anemia, there was nothing significant in my personal health/ medical history. So, the conception was easy and happened in 3-4 months for us and left us ecstatic! But, within 2 weeks of the positive pregnancy test, I started with a brown vaginal discharge and was told it was “normal” by my gynecologist at that time. I was given extra progesterone and advised bed rest as that is the standard prescription in such a case. We carried on, a bit anxious and fearful though, & the discharge kept on increasing in the coming weeks. When my 1st level ultrasound was done, there was no heartbeat on the scan,
and it was declared a “miscarriage or a missed abortion” as it is termed in the medical language in my country.

So that was it, for us as a couple, we were quite disheartened but were told that “it happens”, and we should just try to conceive again in the coming months. There was no reason or etiology discussed with us, or any tests performed as this was my 1st conception. Quite frankly, it was dismissed as a non-event.

At that time, I was new to practice and did not have the requisite experience or confidence to do much as a homeopath in such a case. So, my 85-year-old mentor, just told me that he will support me with homeopathy for the next conception starting now and after conception as well. That is exactly what I did, thankfully! I started my medication with him immediately and there was no looking back.

So as expected, I conceived again, within 3 months and was put on uterine support homeopathic remedies and my own “individual remedy” as well. Now again, I started with the brown discharge at the same time after conception and was advised bed-rest by my homeopath and I was not registered with any gynecologist until now. He informed me to avoid the ultrasound until the 1st trimester was complete, and stick to his medication, which was being revised as and when needed. Guess what, exactly what you are thinking, the brown discharge somewhat continued but never increased this time and my 1st level ultrasound was normal!

“We were truly ecstatic, to say the least.”

But we continued the homeopathic support until the end of my pregnancy, and I went on to deliver my healthy 3.5 kgs baby boy at term.

Just to let you know, I never took any folic acid in the 1st trimester or any other medication from the gynecologist, no supplements, no tetanus shot or any other shot, throughout my pregnancy. I only went for an ultrasound thrice throughout the 9 months. I registered with my gynecologist at 5-6 months when I really needed to, for birthing support later.

P.S. I again had the same brown discharge during my 2nd pregnancy (7-8 yrs later), which was again tackled by my homeopath, without any other intervention.

So, what are you thinking? Is this possible for you as well? Of-course it is!

I am now a mother to my two healthy babies, a 14-year-old boy and a 6-year-old daughter, and with both the pregnancies, I used homeopathy for uterine support and overall health which made it possible for me to carry my pregnancies to term.

God knows, what I would have done, if I did not have this choice!

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