About Me

I am Dr. Varsha Mendiratta Khurana & I am a mother of two kids, a boy aged 14 yrs & a girl, aged 6 yrs. I am a member of the Homeopathic Medical Board of India. International practice since 5 yrs. I am also a member of Homeopathy247.com, since April 2020, working with a dedicated team of homeopaths from all over the world, exclusively online

I see my clients via online consultations. My international clientele includes only English speaking clients. Hindi, English & Punjabi are the three languages that I am well-versed with.

I first got to know about Homeopathy as a child from my grand-father as he was a patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis, under the care of (Late) Dr. P N Verma. His case was controlled only by Homeopathy and even pain killers never helped him. So he always wanted a Homeopath in the family which became my inspiration to study Homeopathy professionally.

Work & Experience

I graduated from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, New Delhi, through a 6-year long degree course, in 2002. Immediately after my internship, I worked, as an associate physician, with a very senior classical Homoeopath, (Late) Dr. K.M.L Verma. He specialized in grave diseases like cancers, thalassemia, diabetes mellitus, dengue fever, congenital defects, infertility, benign tumors, epilepsy, skin diseases, brain defects, developmental defects etc. Under his guidance, I managed patients with classical homeopathy. My experience with him furthered my skills as a physician and helped me in handling my private practice efficiently & confidently. I feel extremely fortunate to have learnt from him and with his 60 yrs of experience, I felt confident to deal with many 21st century health needs.

My Thesis work was Role of Homoeopathy in Hypertension , Diabetes Mellitus, and Thyroid disorders.

In 2014-15, I worked as a Surrogacy Consultant at Urogyn IVF Center. I was primarily managing Surrogacy cases from the beginning to the end starting from donor and surrogate stimulation, counseling of the couples, regular Antenatal check-ups of the surrogates, surrogacy contracts etc. until the delivery of the baby. This was undertaken for clinical experience in the field of Infertility, in addition to my clinical work.

Having worked with patients for almost 19 years now, I have developed the requisite skills to manage a wide variety of diseases. As a classical homoeopathic physician, I am trained to take every case individually and study the detailed patterns of different diseases. Although, I treat people from all walks of life, I developed a special interest in paediatrics over-time and more recently, FERTILITY-RELATED ISSUES IN BOTH MEN AND WOMEN & PREGNANCY.


Consultation & Counselling

During a typical consultation with me, a patient is asked about his physical, mental & emotional symptoms. I take ample time to understand your current state of health w.r.t. the medical diagnosis, laboratory test results as well as the homeopathic stand-point which is the most important for me. I will need to know all of your symptoms as I have to review your case from a holistic point of view which is the benchmark of Homeopathy. All of your physical symptoms, are inter-connected with your psychological symptoms and the environment in which your complaints have developed. We, as homeopaths, have to get to the root-cause of your current state of health.​

Along-with the homeopathic prescription, I counsel my patients as well, especially my young & teenager patients. I would also advise lifestyle changes, dietary modifications & natural supplements as & when appropriate. ​ My aim is to optimize your immune system, with the appropriate Homeopathic remedy, so your body can take care of the imbalance of the diseased state of health by itself, in the most gentle & natural way possible. This is to establish a state of balance at all levels of health and to optimise the function of your beautiful immune system.

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