Diet-Supplementation-Detox Programme

This is for you, if you are looking for Dietary and Supplementation advice along-with detox protocols, personal and environmental, as needed for your individual case. This does not include a homeopathic case analysis and prescription.

In many cases, the dietary modifications and good supplementation choices improve the egg and sperm health considerably and detox protocols remove any blocks that might be present, and the chances for conception are optimised.


This is inclusive of 3 sessions, at an interval of 4-6 weeks, simultaneously with both the partners, for a good response. You will receive all of the information regarding diet/ supplementation in a detailed email, along-with any relevant detoxes, that will be needed for both the partners separately.

Diet-Supplementation-Detox Programme

This is inclusive of 3 sessions, a single session will require typically 45-60 mins. 

Duration: 45-60 mins (each session)
Mode: Zoom Video Call

Fee: $400 | £335 | €375

Are you looking to optimise your fertility or trying to conceive naturally without hormonal support or invasive procedures?

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