Infertility as a Speciality, Why Not!

My personal experience during both of my pregnancies left a deep impact on me, personally and professionally.

To top it all, having some free time on my hands, whilst practicing homeopathy, initially during my career, I joined as a Surrogacy Head at a local hospital for 2 yrs. I started meeting couples, everyday, who were facing Infertility, in the primary or the secondary form.

How truly vulnerable they were, in that state, that they were ready to undertake any procedure (IVF/IUI/surrogacy), or spend any amount of money, even if they could not afford it, many a times. In the hospital setup, I was never allowed to even mention anything else except the traditional methods, no matter how badly I wanted them to make an informed choice. For these conventional procedures, they would

  • Take unreal amounts of the artificial hormones (injectables/ oral) for a month prior to the procedure. The side-effects (nausea/ headaches/ stomach upsets etc.) were very immediate and visible in so many patients, that the SOS medications were being handed out along with (like candy, of course), in all the cases.
  • This was not just done once, but over a period of a few cycles as the success rate of IUI is a mere 10-20% in the first try and for IVF, it is 30-35% overall, again after trying for a few cycles. I would be in touch with these women throughout their torturesome journey, to say the least and I could feel that they were doing it as they thought that they had no choice at all! Like this was their last and only hope!
  • I do not even want to go into the emotional consequences of their overall circumstances as that would take another toll on my own emotional health but having witnessed this first-hand, somewhere instilled in me, that they deserve better and they deserve more ..

So, this did not register with me immediately but when the thought of HOMEOPATHY FOR INFERTILITY, just crossed my mind for the 1st time, I started becoming so passionately excited about the subject. This is when I started my own research and study on this subject. You can call it destiny but there were case referrals wherein, I saw beautiful results after using homeopathy for fertility issues and my beliefs somewhere became so emboldened that my focus shifted to the bigger picture, and not just my own private practice.

I have been a part of an International Team of Homeopaths since early 2020, which gave me the final direction as to how to navigate through my passion, make it a reality, to make a real difference in the lives of ever-increasing numbers of couples being labeled INFERTILE all over the world.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you feel a tad bit more optimistic, about your own journey from now on.

“A determined mind and a strong will bear endless possibilities.”

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