Infertility Remedies

Aletris Farinosa

This remedy not only improves general condition of the patient but also improves the digestive & assimilative powers of the system, in general, to support chronic anemia and uterine muscular weakness.

This is almost a specific remedy for habitual tendency to abortion in the early months of the pregnancy. It should be given for the 1st few weeks before the expected miscarriage. In cases where pains and a show of blood had appeared earlier, this remedy succeeded in the continuation of a healthy pregnancy with a quiet & recumbent posture.

This remedy personally helped me in my own pregnancy after I had suffered miscarriage in an earlier pregnancy.

Cannabis Indica

Especially common these days is a H/O recreational drug use along with Sterility in males or females. Along with this, there will be excessive sexual indulgence in the past leading to continued, frequent & painful erections with a flaccid penis. Even a failure of seminal discharge could be present in a case when the sensation of orgasm is normal.

Helonias Dioica

Another great remedy for Infertility.

When there is great uterine/ ovarian irritation with profuse menses & white discharge/ leucorrhoea.

A very weak feeling in the genitals, with an aversion to intercourse in weak, even emaciated people.

Natrum Carbonicum

I’m writing about this remedy today to make you understand how we need the case details in homeopathy to decide on the prescription. The mental scope/ symptoms/ indications are beyond the scope of this medium but I’m sharing some physical indications for this remedy today.

Main physical indications:

  • Affection for the reproductive organs
  • Bearing down sensation as if the contents of the pelvis would protrude out
  • Menstrual flow scanty or irregular
  • Cervix deformed
  • Rough or irritated skin of the inner thighs or vulva
  • Mucus like vaginal discharge after sexual intercourse
  • Thick yellow leucorrhea
  • Frequent and very early miscarriage
  • Weakness after sexual intercourse

Agnus Castus

A very commonly used remedy for this condition indeed, AGNUS CASTUS.

Sterility caused by excessive sexual indulgence and subsequent loss of sexual desire, is a part of this remedy picture.

A very tired patient, in a worn out condition. Weakness is an important feature for this remedy.


This remedy is mainly for aberrant estrogen levels in the body.

This can be taken in a 6C potency, from the 8th – 15th day of the cycle, to optimise the reproductive system.

Natrum Phosphoricum

Here’s presenting to you the next remedy for Sterility. There is a bearing down towards the genitals as if the uterus would protrude.

Scanty menstrual discharge is another indication. Profuse thick yellow leucorrhea could be an accompanying symptom. Discharge of mucus from the vagina after intercourse.

I have read one of our stalwarts recommending this remedy in 50M potency, a single dose, every 2 months. A total of 3 doses should suffice.

Anantherum Muriaticum

Indicated especially in degenerative condition or wasting of the ovaries.

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