Pregnancy Supplementation Program


Important points to note:

  1. You can choose any package you think is suitable for you. 
  2. In case there are any financial constraints, I can offer you part-payments in three easy installments to be paid at monthly intervals. 
  3. In package 3, you can still consult me for any acute conditions at an additional charge of 55 US $ per acute consult, with 5-day follow-up support. 
  4. All the packages include the additional guidance for the nutritional needs and natural supplements (only if required at any stage). 
  5. I am a medical homeopath so I can advise you on the required blood tests as well as Ultrasounds (or any other tests, if required or can be avoided), as and when required. 

I will basically be your Pregnancy Incharge! 

PACKAGE 1Homeopathic Supplementation Program (inclusive of the tissue salts as well as particular intercurrent remedies) + Acute conditions: 750 US $

PACKAGE 2Homeopathic Supplementation program + Constitutional Prescribing + Indicated remedies (as and when required) + Acute conditions + Labor/ birthing preparation: 1500 US $ 

PACKAGE 3Homeopathic Supplementation Program + Constitutional Prescribing + Indicated remedies (as and when required) + Labor/birthing preparation: 1200 US $

Feel free to write to me, in case you have any extra questions.


Are you looking to optimise your fertility or trying to conceive naturally without hormonal support or invasive procedures?

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