Acute Consultation

Women Only Issues

This consultation is for any recent or acute conditions in women, which you have been suffering from, for less than a month, like excessive menstrual flow, very scanty menstrual flow, menstrual migraines, absent menses, pregnancy-related acute conditions etc.

We need to access this condition, with details like etiology, presentation physical and mental, how is the current state affecting you, what is making it worse or better, what are the weather conditions around you, what is the current stress that could have contributed to this ailment etc.

It typically takes upto 20-25 mins, through a zoom video call. After taking all of the details, I will need to analyse the state and send you a prescription with details of the remedy and proper dosage, for the next 2-3 days or upto 5 days. This is inclusive of an e-mail follow-up at 24-48 hrs, through which I will try to guide you further, as best as I can.

I will also guide you to arrange my prescription from local sources, best suited to your location. You can get in touch with me through e-mail, in case of any difficulties, or if you need an alternative remedy, in case it is unavailable to you within the next 12-24 hrs.

Duration: 20-25 mins
Mode: Zoom Video Call
Fee (through PayPal): $60

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