First Detailed Consultation

Fertility-Related Issues

This is for you, if you want to kick-start proper treatment for any:

  • Fertility-related issues, like Unexplained Infertility, Ovulation Failure, Sperm health deterioration, PCOS with Infertility, or tubal blockage or any other known causes of Infertility.
  • This is also applicable if you are just preparing for a healthy conception in the coming months.
  • Also, if you are undergoing IUI or IVF, this can help you with optimising your chances of implantation/ healthy conception.

Through this session:

  • I will try to understand your physical, mental and emotional state in its totality. I will endeavour to understand your health history, with your family history, and any predispositions henceforth.
  • I will evaluate your lab results/ other scans, if you already have them or suggest some labs or investigative tests that need to be done.
  • I will also help you with your supplementation/ dietary needs, if required during the process of improving your state of fertility.
  • This will also include any detox that is needed in your particular case, like OCP, Steroids, Antibiotics, or environmental detox, and instructions thereby.
  • Full email support through this period

This will allow me to match an appropriate remedy to your overall state of health, with a focus on your reproductive health.

This is a long session of approximately 90 mins, after which you will receive a 6-weekly prescription (on an average) with dosage instructions and pharmacy details (that caters to your specific location). Dietary/ Supplemental/ Detox advice will also be sent through email. You will need to book your follow-up, anywhere between 4-8 weeks, depending on your reaction to the prescription and your overall condition. I will be available through e-mail, in case you have any questions in between these meetings.

    Duration: 90 mins
    Mode: Zoom Video Call
    Fee (through PayPal): $300 | £250 | €280

    Are you looking to optimise your fertility or trying to conceive naturally without hormonal support or invasive procedures?

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