First Detailed Consultation

This is for you, to start proper treatment for any long-lasting or chronic conditions that you may have experienced for more than a month. Any recurring conditions also require this consultation.

Through this session, I will try to understand your physical, mental and emotional state in its totality. I will endeavour to understand your health history, with your family history, and any predispositions henceforth. This will allow me to match an appropriate remedy to your overall state of health. This also includes detox of any pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations, antibiotics, steroids etc. as needed for your individual case.

This is a long session of approximately 60-75 mins, after which you will receive a 6-weekly prescription (on an average) with dosage instructions and pharmacy details (that caters to your specific location). You will need to book your follow-up, anywhere between 4-8 weeks, depending on your reaction to the prescription and your overall condition. I will be available through e-mail, in case you have any questions in between these meetings.

Duration: 60-75 mins
Mode: Zoom Video Call
Fee (through PayPal): $215 | £180 | €205

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