Follow Up Consultation

This is a follow-up consultation for your condition, to take an update on your symptoms and overall state of health, after almost finishing your last course of remedies. This will help me to evaluate your physical-mental-emotional response to the last set of remedies and help me further in order to maintain or further improve your state of health. I will evaluate your case after this session again, and decide the further course of action/prescription, in your treatment. This also includes detox of any pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations, antibiotics, steroids etc. as needed for your individual case.

This typically lasts anywhere around 30-45 mins, through a zoom video call. You will receive your follow-up prescription with dosage instructions for the next 4-6 weeks. You can email me, in case of any additional questions or support needed, in-between sessions.

Duration: 30-45 mins
Mode: Zoom Video Call
Fee (through PayPal): $150 | £125 | €140

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