What My Patients Say


Anita Arora, Birmingham, UK

“I had insomnia for years altogether and I was on sleeping pills. I started treatment with Dr. Varsha M Khurana, and it was taken care of within the first two months. I never had to go back to taking the pills again. Very grateful!


Reeti Arneja

“I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2018. I had severe pains and irregularly in periods. Irregular spotting between cycles and major discomfort. I took to birth control pills and later a dnc on the suggestion of my gynecologist at max hospital. Until 2019 winters I was still suffering every day. Saw a post on dr Varsha’s fb and thought of trying homeopathy since nothing really was working and no respite from pains. Continued homeopathy for a few months. And soon started to feel much better. Last month was almost like a miracle. My periods came on time, without pains, no in-between spotting. And my uterus felt so calm. I am so much better. My course is still on. I survived without our painkillers for two months flat. For someone who doesn’t know what endometriosis is May not understand the relief either. I totally recommend Varsha for the same.”


From a fellow homeopath

“It is rare to find such a skilled practitioner. Varsha’s skill and confidence as a homeopath made me feel completely supported and reassured. I was very anxious about my health and my son’s when I contacted Varsha for an acute consultation. I knew I was in good hands and quickly started to feel better, even before I took any remedies! Varsha’s support and prescriptions over the next few days meant we were both back to good health much sooner than we would have been without her support. I would recommend treatment with Varsha to anyone and everyone!”


Kristin Nagel, USA

Severe food allergies with histamine intolerance 1st Month Update

• Vision clear, no haze on the eyes anymore
• No weeping for 3 weeks straight (mood changes related to allergies)
• Overall mood much more stable
Lump in the throat gone
Tremors much better
• Headache faint now

“The bruising I was getting on my arms is SO much better. They take forever to go away and now I just have a few that have faded and almost gone. I don’t think I’ve had new ones since about 3 weeks ago even after the grilling assault and peanuts. Very unusual.”


Mehak Singh, New Delhi

“I had severe back/spine problems, and was suggested surgery for the same. I started treatment from Dr. Varsha M Khurana and I was able to walk pain-free within the first month of medication! Never went back to the hospital for the surgical procedure. I have been leading a normal and active life since more than 10 yrs now. Thank you so much!”


“My family and I have been off conventional and over the counter medicines for over a year now! We have only used homeopathy and it has been such a blessing and an amazing journey.”

Patient, from US, Started Treatment on 25th October

Breast tenderness, before menses, gone!

No dysmenorrhoea now!

Energy level much better during menses

Itching genitals, 60% better

Sleep cycle, better

Cravings for chocolate, gone!

Low back pain, better

Constipation, still the same

Mentally calmer, most of the time 🙂



“My depression has lifted off I’m not waking up in the middle of the night, my anxiety is much better, very occasional now. I can find joy in small things now, throughout the day!

The relationship is also better. Even work feels that I can take it on, like bring it on! Work travel was comfortable as well. The stool has a good consistency, it’s frequent, and my appetite is back as well No excessive sweat on hands/ feet, at all, in fact, I forgot about it! I’m not having to rub my feet at all.”


Steve Roberts

“Symptoms seem to be evolving, meaning they feel different. I’m starting to notice improvements now. Bowel movements are more frequent and productive. Still uncontrollable with a lot of gas, which hopefully improves soon. Sleep is much better. Getting to sleep faster, and sleeping more sound. Dreams are pleasant. More energy as well. I think we’re on the right track.”

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