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Acute Consultation

This consultation is for any recent or acute conditions in women, which you have been suffering from, for less than a month like excessive menstrual flow, etc.

Fertility Consultation

This is for you, if you want to kick-start proper treatment for any fertility-related issues, like unexplained infertility, ovulation failure and more.

Fertility Assessment

Through this short session, we can discuss your Fertility journey so far and evaluate your current state of reproductive health through temperature charts, etc.

Hi, I’m Dr. Vie

A medically-trained homeopath, with an experience of 18 yrs ongoing, and now, a certified fertility coach. I am a mother to my two beautiful babies, 14 & 6 yrs old, who were both born healthy, with an exclusive use of homeopathy, pre-conception and throughout pregnancy. There’s a story behind it, and I will talk about it in one of my podcasts soon.

I am that woman with a history of miscarriages, who was unable to sustain her pregnancies but with the help of homeopathy, I could successfully birth my children and I am forever grateful to my mentor, for his support and treatment during my struggle.

My own experience led me to this path of helping couples conceive naturally and not just conceive but experience the joy of this beautiful journey and birth of their healthy child.



5-Month Fertility Programme

This programme is for you if you have tried everything in order to conceive and yet have been disappointed, you have taken all the supplementation advised to you with no results, you have taken all the medical tests only to discover nothing specific and if you have had repeated miscarriages after conceiving naturally.

Diet-Supplementation-Detox Programme

This is for you, if you are looking for Dietary and Supplementation advice along-with detox protocols, personal and environmental, as needed for your individual case. In many cases, this improve the egg and sperm health considerably and  the chances for conception are optimised.


“I had insomnia for years altogether and I was on sleeping pills. I started treatment with Dr. Varsha M Khurana, and it was taken care of within the first two months. I never had to go back to taking the pills again. Very grateful!”


Anita Arora, Birmingham, UK

“I had severe back/spine problems, and was suggested surgery for the same. I started treatment from Dr. Varsha M Khurana and I was able to walk pain-free within the first month of medication! Never went back to the hospital for the surgical procedure. I have been leading a normal and active life since more than 10 yrs now. Thank you so much!”


Mehak Singh, New Delhi

“My family and I have been off conventional and over the counter medicines for over a year now! We have only used homeopathy and it has been such a blessing and an amazing journey.”



“Severe Autism in a girl of 13 yrs. Involuntary urination as well as insomnia better by 90% after 1 month of treatment!!

Medorrhinum 1M”


Autism in a girl of 13 yrs

A Heartwarming Patient Story

A Heartwarming Patient Story

This is the story of a Primary Infertility Patient, who started their treatment with me in September 2019. This was a couple who were struggling...

Infertility Remedies

Infertility Remedies

Aletris Farinosa This remedy not only improves general condition of the patient but also improves the digestive & assimilative powers of the...

Sterility or Infertility

Sterility or Infertility

Acidic Vaginal Secretion: Natrum Phos Uterine Inactivity: Gossypium Ovarian Atony: Eupatorium Purp Nervous Delicate Women: Ratanhia Pregnancy, Late...

Infertility as a Speciality, Why Not!

Infertility as a Speciality, Why Not!

My personal experience during both of my pregnancies left a deep impact on me, personally and professionally. To top it all, having some free time...

Foods That Boost Fertility

Foods That Boost Fertility

Foods which boost fertility for HER: Honey: contains minerals and amino acids good for the reproductive system and stimulate ovaries function. Oily...

Healthy Living in COVID Times

Healthy Living in COVID Times

The Covid-19 virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory passageways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs so they...

Menopause or ‘Change of Life’

Menopause or ‘Change of Life’

Menopause characterizes the decline of ovarian function which in turn leads to a cessation of menstruation in a woman. The age group can vary from...

Acute or Chronic Prescribing

Acute or Chronic Prescribing

No matter how much we talk about Homeopathy, we always come across people internationally who are new to our therapy, or who have never heard about...

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